About Smart CT Solutions

Our Company

Our product roots…
are in US Military technologies with more than a decade of experience in development, fielding and monitoring perimeter surveillance and route security.

Our purpose…
to create safe places through covert threat detection systems. We provide enhanced security against weapons threats.

Our vision…
to provide on-site protection against security threats using digital technology and without disrupting the flow of traffic into the facility. We empower our customers to rapidly and successfully adopt new technologies by providing innovative solutions against weapon threats.

Our Technology

Every metal object has a different signature in motion. Security is alerted to the type of threat and can act accordingly.

The sensor and camera that are integrated into our systems, work in tandem to locate the weapon, and at the same time, ignore common items.

The heart of our systems uses machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with over 14 million weapon signatures. It continually learns and improves.


Our Platform

Our platform improves monitoring capabilities to provide real-time incident details, resource availability, and robust management operations in one single dashboard.

  • Currently deployed in schools and a variety of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, and   museums
  • Provides real-time communication between onsite security personnel and emergency responders
  • Is integrated with a variety of products and multi-vendor systems
  • Views, analyzes, interprets and responds to rapidly changing situations
  • Visualizes the incident through integration with cameras and video feeds
  • Improves situational awareness by integration with information resources such as weather sources, social media, traffic systems, and other intelligence systems

Our Leadership

Our progressive leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused, and professional executives.  Working together, our knowledge and wealth with decades of business and technical experience, make a difference in the security and safety of people and places around the globe. 

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Craig Robinson

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Chief Technologist


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Marketing Director

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Finance Manager