Gunshot Detection System

Receive Immediate Notification

Our Gunshot Detection System identifies gunfire and sends a notification in less than a quarter of a second. The dual sensor system is robust and can be integrated with any of our Smart CT Systems, or any other existing alarm system. Alarms generate automatically during an active shooter event and can be connected to 911 Computer Aided Dispatch systems to provide immediate and error-free alerts.


Automatically detects weapons signatures before they enter


Based on its programming, the system assigns a priority level


On site security is alerted real time and can then react quickly

Multi-modal Detection Capabilities

Our multiple modality sensor system dramatically reduces false alarms so you can be confident that law enforcement will be automatically notified of a critical active shooter incident.

Dual Infrared and Acoustic Sensors

Covert installation in the form of a smoke detector, facilitates integration in a wide variety of locations

Key Characteristics
Real-time Situational Awareness

  • Immediate and real-time communication between on-site security personnel and emergency responders.
  • Wall or ceiling mounted for easy installation.
  • Dual Infrared and Acoustic Sensor System – zero false alarms.
  • Ethernet Integration – easily connects to any network.
  • Power over Ethernet – one cable installation.
  • Automatically generates alarms and connects to 911 Computer Aided Dispatch systems 
  • Visualize the incident by integrating our Weapon Detection System with cameras and video feeds
  • Improves situational awareness by identifying the exact location where shots have been fired.
  • Includes a visual map of the location where each shot is fired, along with a time stamp and shot counter.

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