Perimeter Protection System

Perimeter Security with Proven Results

Our Smart CT Perimeter Security System uses buried fiber optic cable to create a sensor array that encompasses the facility. This provides real-time identification of surface and subsurface geophysical phenomenon to enable specific threat-based responses. Each system provides up to 40 kilometers of continuous, all weather monitoring along designated routes or site perimeters.


Automatically detects weapons signatures before they enter


Based on its programming, the system assigns a priority level


On site security is alerted real time and can then react quickly

A History of Proven Performance

  • 8+ years of past performance providing 24/7/365 monitoring coverage along routes and perimeters
  • 1,000 km of commercial fiber along dozens of routes and several installation perimeters in support of overseas US operations
  • 100 km of commercial fiber installed along the US Southwest Border
  • Proven performance supporting military operations and border security with similar systems installed in over 35 locations and different environments globally.

Key Characteristics
Protecting Property and Personnel

  • Utilizes commercial telecommunications fiber optic cable, a custom fiber optic interrogator, and proprietary software for data analysis, threat detection and classification and alert display
  • Detects surface and subsurface geophysical activities (digging, walking, vehicles, etc.) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in all weather conditions
  • Uses a small portion of cable fibers leaving a large capacity for high performance communications bandwidth
  • Minimal hardware above-ground footprint
  • Integrates with multiple camera systems and other sensors
  • Records up to 28 days of data/activity for future reference

The Right Choice

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