Weapon Detection System

Detects Concealed Weapons Where Other Systems Can’t

Our Weapon Detection System detects concealed threats, such as firearms, knives, and bombs on a person or in baggage.  The U.S. military-qualified technology was adapted and is optimized for facility or area entrance threat detection.

No Disruptions to Traffic Flow
The system continuously screens for concealed weapons without disrupting traffic flow. It is non-intrusive, and needs no additional security force.   

Discerns Between Weapons and Common Objects
Ideal for entrances at large facilities, its magnetic sensor can differentiate between a weapons and other common metal objects such as a phone or laptop. The system uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and remote human interface to offer an effective covert method for the detection of hidden weapons. The AI system identifies metal objects and shapes in motion. There are more than 14 million in its library and it continues adding and learning.

No Need for a Metal Detector
People move through the security sector at normal speed, without the extra burden of having them walk through a metal detector or similar device. The sensor can process an unlimited number of people flowing into the facility at one time

Omni-Directional Sensors
Sensors are omni-directional, sending signals in all directions, including above. An individual does not have to walk between the two sensors for a weapon to be detected. Even if they walk outside of the sensors, weapons will still detected.


Automatically detects weapons signatures before they enter


Based on its programming, the system assigns a priority level


On site security is alerted real-time and can then react quickly

How it Works

  • Operates autonomously 
  • Offers high detection performance with low power
  • Uses highly sensitive magnetic moment sensor technology
  • Sensors are network connected
  • Incorporates our cognitive detection software with advanced signal processing algorithms
  • Automatically eliminates non-moving targets without using averaging algorithms
  • No portal configuration required.
  • Can be placed in walls, ceilings, or floors – easy covert and/or overt installation

Key Characteristics
More Advanced than any Other Weapon Detection System

  • Detects concealed threat items on person or in bags
  • No disruption to customer flow for the best customer experience
  • No health, privacy concerns, or impact on pregnant women, pacemakers, etc.
  • Each entry point can process an unlimited number of people flowing into the facility at one time
  • AI/machine learning algorithm with over 14.0M live samples
  • Human analyst + machine learning approach that is years ahead
  • Flexible, easily installed, indoor/outdoor deployment that blends into the environment
  • The sensor does not alarm or make a noise
  • No additional security staff required – the best possible ROI

Product Specifications
Single Touch Configuration

Weapon Type: Mass Casualty Weapons

Sensing Method: Passive Targeted Magnetic Sensing

Recommended Configuration: Covert, 10 to 13 feet point of entry. Extended range available.

Size: Pair of 12.875” x 14.095” x 24.09” cases (327mm x 358mm x 612mm) – Small Entry size also available

Power: Power Over Ethernet (provided)

Operation Temperature: -40 to 50C

Communication: Ethernet and WiFi

Detection Range: 10 to 13 feet under recommended sensor pair configuration

Consumables: None

User Interface: Remote access graphical interface

The Right Choice

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